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At PV Spark we specialize in commercial solar systems for business across Western Australia. Whether you need a small 10kW system, a large 100kW solution, or something in-between, we provide the advice, installation, and maintenance that your business demands.

Western Australia is blessed with abundant natural sun light all year round. It gives a unique opportunity for local businesses to be sustainable, economical and socially responsible. At PV Spark we will help you with assessing your businesses energy requirements, we will then help you with Planning/ Designing a future proof solution, followed by implementing the solution with quality workmanship, lastly we are happy to support you with any after sales support requirements your business may have.

Our commercial solar solutions are uses top brands in the industry like canadian solar, jinko, fronious etc. and our installers are highly skilled. following Installation our on ongoing maintenance and support plans are easy to understand and affordable avoiding confusion for every one involved.

At PV Spark we take pride in building sustainable and affordable solar energy solutions taking local businesses to the the future with us. Our solutions are not only affordable and come with flexible payment plans but they allow you and your business to reduce your carbon foot print.

For all your commercial solar panels or commercial solar installation requirements anywhere in Western Australia, please give us a call today.

Why PV Spark


Over the past few electricity prices have increased at an alarming rate which has certainly reduced the profit margins for business but with solar reducing energy cost have never been easier.
The benefit of installing solar for your business is that the savings you receive on electricity bill will always outweigh your monthly lease payments you make for your Solar system which puts your business ahead in the game. This means that your Solar system is installed free of cost which puts you ahead in the game by ensuring that you are cash flow positive from the very 1st month you install it.

Benefit of Tax deductions

Harnessing solar energy at your business can reduce electricity bills up to 80%. In our $0 upfront lease payment option where savings cover your monthly repayments, the repayments made are 100% tax deductible. The amount eliminated from your power bills increases each year due to rising electricity costs. Once the lease payment finance plan expires your business will own the system.

No Upfront Cost

At PV Spark, we understand how important cash flow is to run day to day operations for any business. So, with our $0 upfront lease payment plan businesses don’t require any initial outlay for Solar system to be installed. After getting your system installed you will see significant reductions from your power bill at cost of small monthly payments which will be covered by your energy savings for a fixed term. At the end of the payment plan you will be the sole owner of the system. We have enabled several business throughout regional and metro areas of WA to achieve savings anywhere between from $20,000 to $80,000 annually.

Our Projects

Stokeys Gym

System size-13 kw
Panels-40 Canandian panels 330w each
Inverter- 10 kw Fronius
Estimated Savings annually- upto $4175

Toyota Manjimup

System size-26 kw
Panels-80 Canadian Panels 330w each
Inverter- Fronius 20 kw
Estimated Savings annually-$8351

Peppermint Grove Caravan Park

System size-39 kw
Panels- 118 Canadian Panels of 330w each
Inverter- 2 Fronius Inverters of 15kw each
Estimated Savings annually- upto $12527


Power purchase agreement includes purchasing the power that is generated by the Solar panels at a fixed price for a fixed term. At PV Spark our Solar PPA provider will take the burden design, installation and maintenance costs of your Solar systems.

Benefits of PPA

• Your electricity costs are determined for the duration of PPA agreement which are usually up to 50% less than your current rates hedging hike in electricity rates
• No burden of installation or maintenance costs
• PPA also eliminates the burden of ownership

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